Opportunities for worship

Sunday School 0930
Worship Service 1030

10 November 2011

Christmas Party

We are having a church wide Christmas Party on Friday December 15 at 6 PM. Stay TUned for more information.

30 January 2011

Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes

Next Sunday February 6 we will resume our Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes at 9:30 AM. You may call it Bible Study, Sunday School or Bible Class, but whatever you call it and whatever your age there is a class for you. We have classes for Babies who are not yet walking, Toddlers to age 3, 4 to 6 Year olds, 7 to 9 Year olds, 10 to 13 year olds, youth aged 14 to 19 and two adult classes. Rita SOmgal our Bible Studies coordinator has been busy preparing rooms, reviewing literature, training teachers and getting everything ready for the Kickoff. We begin on Sunday February 6 so make plans to be in attendance. In the Sunday morning Worship time after Classes resume we will have a special service to commission and pray for our Class teachers. Don;t miss this Sunday, be there for the beginning of a great ministry.

Ladies Fellowship meetings

Every Wednesday at 10 AM several of the Church ladies have been getting together for fellowship and to enjoy each other's company. The first few meetings have been at the church. Meetings for the month of February will be at The Bothma's home in Mikocheni B. The goal of the meetings is simply to spend some time together in a relaxed atmoshpere and fellowship. As time goes by the ladies will plan things like trips and bible studies, cooking lessons and other assorted pleasant pastimes. There is no registration and no cost simply show up and join in the fun. If you do not know how to get to the Bothma's home come by the church about 20 minutes before 10 AM and ride over with Marla or talk with Billie or Jackie at Church on Sunday for directions.

Valentines Party at Protea Hotel on Ocean Drive

International Baptist Church is hosting a Valentines dinner Party for you and your sweetheart. Monday February 14 at 7:00 PM we will gather at the Protea Hotel on Ocean Drive for dinner together. The dining room limits us to 12 couples for the event and we are already halfway there. Space is truly limited so sign up soon. to register for the event either contact Dorothy Miller or visit the bulletin board in the church hallway and put your name on the sign up sheet posted there.

Sermon Notes 23 January 2011

Personal Worship Time


The first step in personal worship is to draw near to God.

    Set a specific time and place

    Turn off distracting noises and clutter

    Keep it                        Hebrews 11:5-6


There are some things that will be of great assistance in worshipping God.

    Scripture, The best translation of the Bible is one that you can    read and understand.

    The Psalms, there are 5 books of Psalms and 5 books of Moses.

        This is no coincidence

    Songs, memorize hymns or spiritual songs. Praise and Worship

    Choruses can also be very helpful.

    Spiritual writings


Not being obedient to what we know to do is the biggest obstacle in living a life of worship.                        Hebrews 10:31

    You can't worship someone you do not love.    I John 5:3

    Obedience is worship                Romans 12:1-2

    Obedience applies to every person        Eccles 12:9-14


Our attitude towards our personal time with God will keep us from Worship

    Worship is listening as well as speaking    Eccles 5:1-3

    Foolish speech on our part can bring trouble    Eccles 5:4-7

Sermon Notes 16 January 2011

Worship in Spirit and Truth


The first function of the Church is worship.


We worship God separately as individual members and corporately, as the gathered body of believers in Christ.


We worship for a variety of reasons:

    Because God is worthy of our worship

    Because God wants us to Worship Him

    Because lost people need to see us worship Him

    Because we need to worship for our own well-being


We must be careful to guard against worshipping a false idea of God rather than almighty God Himself.



6 Processes in Worship    Isaiah 6:1-13


Revelation    6:1    knowing God as He makes Himself Known

Adoration    6:3    admiring the beauty of God's "Otherness"

Confession    6:5    seeing ourselves in light of God's perfection

Proclamation    6:7    hearing what God has to say to us

Dedication    6:8    faithful response to His demands

Commission    6:9-13    God approves us and sends us to work

Sermon Notes 2 January 2011



Anytime we encounter a "Therefore", we should stop and ask ourselves: What is it there for?


This "Therefore" summarizes Paul's expected response to the gospel

    Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice

    Be transformed by renewing your mind


The result of this offering is that we will be able to test and approve the good pleasing and perfect will of God.


There are some things that make this difficult.

    Our sinful Nature

    Other People

    Personal Pride

    Lack of Faith